Is Your Social Media Attracting or Repelling Potential Clients?

One of my goals as a Leadership and Personal Development Coach is to help professional women show up with beauty and confidence in all areas of their lives.  One of those areas is social media.  

This week as I was going through  Facebook and LinkedIn profiles to find new amazing women to connect with.  I found myself choosing women who had attractive profile photos that aligned with who they said they were.  I was astounded by some of the photos I saw particularly of women who were Image/Brand Consultants.  

This prompted me, also an Image Consultant, to create this blog to prevent you from making some of the mistakes I saw.  Here are 5 tips to help you have a photo that attracts your ideal connections:

1.)   Choose a photo that has you with a welcoming smile.  Your version of “sexy” is probably not good for your profile picture.

2.)   Make sure you have good lighting and be conscious of your background.  I cannot tell you how many woman post photos of themselves with bad lighting and junk in the background.

3.)  Do not wear sunglasses.  Yes, you look cute, but not for your profile picture.  If your regular glasses are tinted, I recommend taking them off for profile pictures.  The eyes are the windows to the soul, people want to see them.

4.)  Use a recent photo so people recognize you in person.  Additionally, if your photo is outdated in terms of style and appearance, people will assume, your work and techniques are outdated as well.  Think of your photo as a sign post to who you are and how you do business.  It’s literally your calling card in this digital age.

5.)  Please DO NOT post pictures of your kids, cartoon characters or celebrities as your profile picture if you want to attract clients.  If I see this, I will not add you to my page nor will anyone else who is trying to do business.  Those kinds of posts belong on your wall, not your profile picture area.  This is prime real estate.

***BONUS TIP ***

Please be sure your hair and makeup look polished.

For those of you in business, your profile photo is gold.  Don’t let it cost you potential clients or strategic partnerships.  Before you post a picture, ask yourself:  Does this photo speak to who I am?  If it doesn’t, pass.

If you have any questions, feel free to inbox me.  I would love to help you.