6 Steps to Creating Miracle Mornings, Success and Life Balance

Do you struggle with getting up in the morning?  Do your days seem unproductive?  Do you have difficulty fitting everything, including self care, into 24 hours? Are you a Mom trying to balance business and family? If you answered, “Yes” to any of these questions, you need to listen up!

First of all, let me recommend, reading, “The Miracle Morning” this book is written for anyone who struggles with being a morning person.  The author, Hal Elrod, interviewed successful men an women and found out their secret weapon to success was waking before 8am and have a routine that fueled their mind and body from the moment they woke up.

He described how he, like many of us was someone who lived on the mantra “I am not a morning person.” until he learned how to become one.  It starts first and foremost with a mindset shift about mornings.  What if you woke up with a spirit of gratitude each morning knowing that it is a blessing that you are alive today?  How would that shift your day?  What if before you went to bed, you set intentions for the next day that excited you?  Remember how you felt on Christmas Eve as a child?  You could hardly sleep because you were so excited for the next day to come.  Imagine having that kind of enthusiasm about tomorrow?  Want to see how that enthusiasm could catapult your day’s productivity?

Studies show that people who get up early to exercise, meditate, journal and set goals are more happier, relaxed and productive.

To help you get your year off to a great start, I would like to share how to wakeup early, avoid the snooze button and give  you a couple of the “Life Savers Practices” that will help you have a Miracle Morning.  I challenge you to try this miracle morning method for 21 Days and then tell me how it radically changed your life.

In order to have a Miracle Morning, you have to wake up…no snooze buttons!  When your alarm goes off, turn the light one immediately,make sure to put your alarm clock a.k.a. your smart phone across the room so you have to get up to turn it off.  Brush your teeth, use the bathroom, drink some water and then splash your face with cold water.  If you struggle with a cold house, you can set it on a timer to start warming up before your wake time.  Remember, it takes 21 days to create a habit.  You go through phases so be patient and wake up the same time everyday, seven days a week, including weekends.

Remember the“Life Saver Practices” are designed to help you start your day in a peak physical, mental, emotional and spiritual state so you continually improve and perform at your best.  I can hear the biggest excuse already, “I don’t have time.” The truth is the older we get, we can’t afford to miss out on these practices because they actually give us more time on this earth to live out our call, that’s why they are called, “Life Savers.” Get ready for some peace, clarity and motivation!

Here are the SIX Life Savers:

1) Silence:  Gives you the opportunity to stop and breath so you can be calm and have clarity in your mind so you can focus on what’s most important.  Silence helps reduce stress, increase focus and improve your overall health.

2) Affirmations:  That are written very specifically, but affirmations not rooted in true passive language don’t produce results i.e….”I am a money magnet, money flows to me effortlessly and in abundance.” It makes you feel good but it doesn’t produce results.  Your actions must be aligned with your desired results. Your affirmations must articulate and affirm both.  Here’s the four steps to create them:

1) The result you are committed to and why.

2) Write the necessary actions you are committed to taking and a specific by when date.

3) Recite your affirmations EVERY morning with emotion and passion…not every other morning, EVERY morning.

EXAMPLE:  I am committed to losing ________ pounds so that I can have more energy and set an example of health and fitness for my family. To ensure I lose _______ pounds, I am committed to going to the gym 5 days per week for 30 minutes to run on the tread mill.

3) Visualization:  I am going to switch it up here. Instead of seeing the finished result, see yourself, taking the ACTIONS that will lead you to the results you are committed to taking.  If you want to know more about how this works Google “mirror neurons” and you will be amazed.  After your affirmations, take a few moments to visualize you taking those actions that will lead you to the life you dream.

4) Exercise:  We all know how exercise can help us stay healthy, have more energy, help us with emotional wellness and focus.  My suggestion is to find some thing you like and do it for at least 30 minutes every morning to get your day off to a miraculous start.  Just do something even if its 5  minutes, it all helps.  You may even try sleeping in your workout clothes if getting up is hard the first couple of weeks. No snoozing allowed! However, sliding slowly out of your bed with both feet hitting the floor full of intention while dressed in your workout clothes is definetly permitted!

5) Reading: Read a personal development book for at least 20 minutes per day or 10 pages per day.  This will help you develop your skills and knowledge giving you a more competitive edge in your business and personal life. If you read at the suggested pace, that would equal about 18 books a year.  Keep in mind, you don’t have to read a book cover to cover.  Ask yourself, what you need from the book and read the chapters that pertain to your specific need.  Live with intention, read with intention.  No floating or snoozing through life allowed anymore.  Attention Intentions, Wake Up!

6) Scribing or Journaling:  This is a great place to take notes during your reading time and to write down thoughts that come up after your silent time.  It’s also a great place to write down ideas that come to you.  Also, write the things and people you are grateful for in life.  Hal recommends writing for 5-10 minutes each morning.

I hope this helps you kick of your New Year!  If you need help with your goals and taking action, consider working with me for accountability and inspiration that leads to results!  Don’t forget to get a copy of Hal’s book.